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Surfaces for magnets

Surfaces for magnets (also called holding surfaces) allow you to attach magnets anywhere you like. Some of these products can be screw-mounted, while others are self-adhesive and can be mounted without having to drill any holes. Besides those, there is also the option to create a suitable contact surface for magnets with magnetic paint.
No matter which type of surface you decide on: After mounting a holding surface, you can affix the magnets to it quickly and, just as quickly, remove them if needed. Thanks to these surfaces for magnets, shopping lists, postcards, posters and other things can be variably attached with ease. We have linked the matching product categories for you below. Have fun exploring!
Please note: Surfaces for magnets are not magnetic themselves. They are simply surfaces to which magnets will adhere.
Ferrous strips & metal strips
Ferrous strips & metal strips
Can be cut to fit your needs
Self-adhesive metal discs: ideal counterparts for magnets
Self-adhesive metal discs
They stick to smooth surfaces
Self-adhering surfaces for magnets
Self-adhering surfaces for magnets
Will stick (almost) anywhere
Magnetic board - the multi-functional fancy pin board
Magnetic boards
Multi-functional magnetic noticeboards
Magnetic glass boards in different colours and sizes
Magnetic glass boards
Sophisticated & functional surfaces for magnets
Blackboard film and chalkboard paint
Blackboard film & chalkboard paint
Your wall becomes a blackboard
Iron sheets / ferrous sheets
Iron sheets
Can be written on and are ferromagnetic all at once
Metal strips: decorative surfaces for magnets
Metal strips
Stylish surfaces for magnets
Self-adhering surfaces for magnets
Self-adhering surfaces for magnets
Will stick (almost) anywhere
Magnetic paint for creative & magnetic wall decoration
Magnetic paint
For versatile wall design

Flexible and versatile: Our surfaces for magnets

In our online shop, you will find a large number of suitable surfaces for magnets that can be mounted in various ways. Here is an overview of the different types of surfaces for magnets:
With all these different options, you are sure to find the right holding surface for your next magnet project.

Popular holding surfaces

Additional information

When planning your project, you need to keep in mind that the possible maximum adhesive force of a magnet depends on the direction of the application of force on the magnet. You can find detailed information on this topic on our FAQ page "What is the difference between adhesive force and displacement force/shear force?".
If you choose magnetic paint or a magnetic glass board as your surface for the magnets, you need to take into account that some magnets will not adhere to these holding surfaces. You can find useful information on the FAQ pages "Which magnets do you recommend for walls painted with magnetic paint?" and "Which magnets are suitable for magnetic glass boards?".