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Magnet collector

with release mechanism, 100 mm diameter, adhesive force approx. 2,2 kg

Article ID WS-PUT-04
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This black magnetic collector with an adhesive force of approx. 2,2 kg is perfect for picking up small metal objects and makes tidying up or separating ferromagnetic parts such as screws, nails, iron filings or needles easy.

Aside from collecting metal objects over a large area, this handheld pick up tool also works well for retrieving small metal parts from hard-to-reach places such as carpets, cracks or gaps in the floor. Another practical use: Search the ashes in the fireplace for metal remnants (nails, rivets, etc.) so you don't injure yourself during clean-up.

Pulling the inner lever activates the integrated detachment mechanism and releases the collected items from the magnetic bottom so that they can be collected in a container.

Technical data

Article IDWS-PUT-04
Diameter D100 mm
Height H180 mm
Strength2,2 kg
Weight490 g