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Smart putty 'Mini'

in small tins, different colours, not magnetic!

UoS 1 piece
Brand: Intelligente Knete
1 pc. 4,05 EUR ea.
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4,05 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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For those who can’t decide on a specific smart putty colour, mini versions are the ideal solution. They make it easy to try out many different colours and textures at an affordable price.
You can select from well-known and popular colours of this magic putty. Ruby, sapphire, and emerald from the Glitter product line sparkle as if millions of stars are trapped inside. Gold rush from the Metallic product line looks like molten metal. Amethyst, gecko, sunshine, and twilight from the Camo product line change colour with heat buildup. New among the minis are different neon colours that glow in the dark.

Special features of the smart putty:

  • Does not contain water and therefore does not dry out
  • Does not stick or stain and is not greasy – keeps hands clean
  • Is non-toxic and therefore suitable for children 4 years and older
  • Glitter particles also don't stick to your hands

Technical data

BrandIntelligente Knete
Table of Contents18 g
Weight29 g