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Metal discs 35 x 2 mm

not magnets!, ferromagnetic, nickel-plated, set of 20

Article ID M-37
UoS 1 set
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20 iron metal discs. The metal discs are not magnetic, but a magnet adheres very well to these metal discs. The discs are nickel-plated so they won't rust. Suitable for experiments with magnets. Each disc has a diameter of 35 mm and is 2 mm thick (+/- 0.1 mm) and weighs about 15 g. When you purchase a set you will receive 20 metal discs in a plastic pouch.

Technical data

Article ID M-37
EAN 7640155433464
Diameter 35 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Quantity per set 20 pieces
Coating Nickel (Ni)
Weight 290 g/set
You see how the magnetic field of the disc magnet rubber coated S-20-10-R 'transmits' through the metal discs and makes them also magnetic.
In the midst of this metal disc jungle hides a sphere magnet K-26-C.
The metal discs make the magnetic field lines visible and tangible and encourage to discover magnetic force in a playful way.

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