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Letters or numbers magnetic

set of magnetic symbols, made of foam, 4 assorted colours

Article ID M-38
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17,81 EUR

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Magnetic letters and magnetic numbers help pupils to better understand previously abstract concepts by engaging the tactile sense. Each box contains approx. 100 foam symbols with a magnetic sheet backing, allowing them to adhere to metal surfaces, such as blackboards and whiteboards as well as magnetic paint. You can choose between magnetic letters (alphabet) and magnetic numbers. These magnetic characters are suitable for children ages 4 and up. Hence they are perfect for use in after school care centres as well as primary school.

Approx. three-quarters of the magnetic letter set are capital letters; the rest are punctuation marks. There are red, blue, yellow and green symbols to form individual words and simple sentences.

The magnetic number set consists of 76 numbers and approx. 25 operator signs. There are red, blue, yellow and green symbols to visualise simple math problems and their solutions.

Technical data

Article IDM-38
MaterialEVA foam on magnetic tape
Thickness4,5 mm
Height50 mm
Table of Contents76 pieces (not including special characters)
Weight350 g/set
Maybe your child will also be fond of leaving short messages on your fridge.
The magnetic sheet on the backside loses its adhesive force only through external influences. Keep it away from neodymium and ferrite magnets and temperatures above 85°C, and its adhesive force will remain intact.

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