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Metal strip self-adhesive 80 cm

self-adhesive surface for magnets, metal, in different colours

Item number MB-19
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This narrow self-adhesive metal strip (80 cm long) is an ideal surface for small magnets. Use them to easily attach mementoes, notes, photos, drawings, business cards, posters, etc. to the metal strip.
The back of the strip has a layer of self-adhesive foam. Simply remove the film, press the strip on firmly and done. Do you need a larger surface area for your magnets? If needed, several of these metal strips can be mounted side-by-side in a row.

Please note

The cushioning foam on the back of the metal strip adheres strongly to different surfaces and cannot be removed without leaving a residue. Important: The adhesive only develops its full strength upon full contact with the intended surface. The smoother, the better the adhesion. Avoid uneven or rough surfaces.

You can find all the tips for our self-adhesive products in our FAQ.

Technical data

Article ID MB-19
Length 80 cm
Width 4,85 cm
Thickness metal band 1 mm
Thickness total 2 mm
Weight 260 g
Please note: The strip itself is not magnetic, but it provides a metal base that magnets adhere to.
The magnetic bar can also be used to hang up jewelry and other light items. In the picture we used small white magnetic hooks type FTNW-16 that keep a low profile on the white strip. Heavy objects would not work, however, because the metal in the strip is very thin.

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