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Magnet set 114

set with 114 small neodymium magnets

Article ID Z-04
UoS 1 set
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1 set 17,45 EUR/set
from 3 sets 15,83 EUR/set
from 10 sets 14,38 EUR/set
from 20 sets 13,65 EUR/set
from 40 sets 13,04 EUR/set
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17,45 EUR

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Magnet set with 114 super magnets. Purchased individually, these 114 magnets would cost almost twice as much. So buy the set and take advantage of this bargain price! The set contains versatile mini magnets that work well on magnetic boards, metal strips and photo ropes, for example, where they securely hold photos, notes and postcards. These little powerhouses are also great for use in scale modelling.

The magnet set consists of the following neodymium magnets:

  • 30 block magnets Q-05-05-02-G (5 x 5 x 2 mm, adhesive force approx. 650 g)
  • 30 disc magnets S-06-02-N (Ø 6 mm, height 2 mm, adhesive force approx. 740 g)
  • 30 ring magnets R-06-02-02-G (Ø 6/2 mm, height 2 mm, adhesive force approx. 760 g)
  • 12 cube magnets W-05-N (5 mm, adhesive force approx. 1,1 kg)
  • 12 cube magnets W-05-G (5 mm, adhesive force approx. 1,1 kg)
The magnets of this set come well protected inside vacuum packaging. When you cut it open with scissors, you will unleash the bundled power of these little beasts. Go ahead, give them a try!

Technical data

Article IDZ-04
Weight59 g/set
You'll receive the magnets well-protected in a vacuum-packed bag. You will see the power of these magnets firsthand when you cut open the bag with scissors - give it a try!

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Available: 2 440 pcs.

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