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Macho set

magnet set, case with 40 super magnets

Article ID Z-10
UoS 1 set
1 set 61,50 EUR/set
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61,50 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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For people who aren’t easily impressed ...

... we now have the supermagnete macho set!

Exactly what the world has been waiting for: Ten absurdly strong, impressive, dangerous super magnets! And to top it off, another 30 smaller magnets as well as a brochure with safety information in six languages. The magnet set is securely packaged in a special supermagnete tool case.

The magnet set contains the following neodymium magnets:

  • 2 block magnets Q-25-25-13-N (25 x 25 x 13 mm, approx. 20 kg adhesive force)
  • 1 disc magnet S-20-10-N (Ø 20 mm, height 10 mm, approx. 11 kg adhesive force)
  • 1 disc magnet S-30-15-N (Ø 30 mm, height 15 mm, approx. 24 kg adhesive force)
  • 1 sphere magnet K-26-C (Ø 26 mm, approx. 9 kg adhesive force)
  • 2 sphere magnets K-19-C (Ø 19 mm, approx. 5 kg adhesive force)
  • 3 ring magnets R-27-16-05-N (Ø 26.75/16 mm, height 5 mm, approx. 11 kg adhesive force)
  • 10 sphere magnets K-08-C (Ø 8 mm, approx. 850 g adhesive force)
  • 10 cube magnets W-05-N (5 mm, approx. 1 kg adhesive force)
  • 10 disc magnets S-05-05-N (Ø 5 mm, height 5 mm, approx. 940 g adhesive force)

Technical data

Article IDZ-10
Case dimensions310 x 210 x 75 mm
Weight1,4 kg/set


Every magnet fan about to open the lid will probably experience butterflies in their stomach as if going on a blind date: Inside this case, gleaming heavyweights are waiting to be at your service. Like jewels, they sparkle in their fitted compartments. And hearts are jumping with joy!
An overview of the content, including adhesive force data of the individual magnets.
The case comes well-padded in a white cardboard box. Wrap it nicely, and you have a great gift for true machos and tough girls.

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