Today the dominant colour in the shops - online and offline - is black. The big shopping day in the USA also made its way here years ago.
However, this year, where everything is different, we would like to choose a different way and turn black into GREEN. Therefore, we have decided that today every purchase does something good.

5% of our revenue on the 27th of November 2020 will be donated to tree planting and care.

We will plant the trees together with our partner organisation BOS Switzerland, who reforests destroyed rain forests thanks to their one-tree-one-life campaign in Indonesia. BOS Switzerland believes: "Each tree has an impact on the world climate."
We are also convinced that the reforestation of the CO2 binding rain forest is one of the most important steps to contain the global climate crisis.
Would you like to know how many trees will actually be planted thanks to our Green-Friday-campaign? Just stay in touch with our newsletter or social media channels and we will keep you up to date.

How it works

The seedings are grown in a local tree nursery in Borneo and purchased on-site. Usually, they are planted by locals who can generate a local income for their families this way.
By renaturing the soil, restoring the natural fire protection and enforesting these areas with local and endangered tree varieties, BOS combines climate and rainforest protection with species protection and sustainable development cooperation.

Why Borneo?

80 % of the Borneo rainforest has already been destroyed. Each year another 1.3 million hectares disappear.
Rainforest protection also means climate protection, as the Indonesian peat bog forests also absorb huge quantities of CO2 and hence are often referred to as lungs of the Earth.
Peat bog forests represent a worldwide unique ecosystem and a huge storage of CO2. Peat bog forests only cover 3 per cent of the Earth’s surface but absorb one third of the earthbound carbon.

Our partner organisation

Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Switzerland is a non-profit organization based in Zurich and has been fighting for the protection of the last orangutans and the conservation of their habitat, the rainforest of Borneo in Indonesia, for years.
In the framework of the one-tree-one-life campaign, BOS Switzerland, together with volunteers, employees of the BOS foundation and the local population reforests the rain forest that has been burnt down and renatures the destroyed peat bog forests.

Donate or give away trees yourself as a present:
(website in German)