Color Cube

deco magnets colour, made of acrylic glass
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Attractive cubes made of acrylic glass with incorporated magnet. Each cube is made of several layers and comes in various colours. The colour combinations will vary with each order. The transparent types show the rod magnet on the inside of the cube. These magnets are made by hand and in small quantities in Switzerland.
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Technical data

Article ID AG-02
EAN 7640155430890
Strength approx. 1 kg (approx. 9,81 N)
Made in Switzerland
Edge length 12 mm
Material Acrylic
Weight 3,4 g

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Additional features and tips

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These cube magnets spread happiness and variety on the magnetic wall.

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With the colors of these magnets, it's similar to the Forrest Gump's box of chocolates: You never know what you're going to get!
Please understand that we are not able to delivery the magnets in your specific choice of colors because the sets are packaged at random.
The raw material: acrylic glass
The glued pieces are cut to size with a saw.
Each side is sanded smooth.
The edged are chamfered.
The hole for the magnet is drilled.
The rod magnet is pressed inside.
The final product.