deco magnets in the shape of fish, set of 6
promptly deliverable


Nemo and his friends are looking for a new home. The little magnetic fish prefer a metal surface to a reef or lagoon.
The colourful school of fish could soon populate your fridge or magnetic board and organize your chaos of notes.
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Technical data

Article ID LIV-58
EAN 7640145467783
Strength approx. 550 g (approx. 5,39 N)
Quantity per set 6 pieces
Sticks to whiteboard 7 A4 sheets
Brand Trendform
Weight 53 g/set

Additional features and tips

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Disc-shaped super magnets are embedded in the acrylic figurines.
Therefore, they are not just easy to hold on to but also pretty strong.

The magnetic fish measure 25 x 15 x 19 mm.

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The themed packaging helps make the fish magnets a beautiful gift.

They are delivered in a set of 6.
The magnetic sea dwellers have the perfect shape and size. They are easy to grasp and don't cover up too much of the postcards and photos they hold on to.
A fish magnet can hold 7 A4 sheets by itself.
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The strong colours stick out the best on dark surfaces.