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Block magnet 20 x 20 x 10 mm, holds approx. 12 kg

Neodymium, N42, nickel-plated

Article ID Q-20-20-10-N
Strength approx. 12 kg
Displacement force approx. 2,5 kg
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A magnet for the serious magnetist (magnetopath, magnetologist, magnetician?). Only someone with very strong hands can separate two of these magnets from each other. Very impressive. Our customers lovingly called this one "THE SKIN PINCHER". :-) Not for children or magnet weaklings.

Technical data

Article IDQ-20-20-10-N
Size20 x 20 x 10 mm
Tolerance+/- 0,1 mm
Direction of magnetisationAxis 10 mm
CoatingNickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Strengthapprox. 12 kg (approx. 118 N)
Displacement force approx. 2,5 kg (approx. 24,3 N)
Max. working temperature80°C
Weight30 g
PDF data sheet
Adhesive force in relation to the air gap between magnet and steel plate.
Detailed view of bicycle hanging from a steel beam. The contact area between the bike frame and the magnet is small - but nevertheless it holds.
Thank you for the photo!
If you also have interesting photos - please send them to us - of course we'll send you a couple of free magnets :-)
If you are not careful when removing these magnets, a bit of skin might be pinched... "He howled like a little dog"... clear enough?
I think everyone should be able to hang-up his trousers as he likes...
... no matter how daft it is...
... or his drinking glasses...
... or his CD-ROMs...
By the way, you should not do this with diskettes...
But the plate must be thick enough... this arrangement would slide off of a normal "whiteboard".
Thomas L. from Hamburg has visually proven with his exercise equipment that the Skin Pincher magnet can really hold 10 kg!
Our customer E.M. writes: "It is so scary I had to send it to you anonymously...."
Well, this is just one example of things better not to be stowed away "safely" with a magnet!!!

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