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Wedding sphere

Wooden sphere with valuable content
Author: Johannes Surger, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, [email protected]
Online since: 17/07/2018, Number of visits: 193142

Wedding spheres according to "Plato's myth"

"Plato's myth about the two sphere halves" is a romantic story with deep meaning. The sphere halves symbolise the different personalities. Each of the different sphere halves is destined for a counterpart, similar to two people meant for each other. Through the embedded magnets they attract each other just like lovers do.
Such a sphere carries much symbolisim and is a wonderful gift along with the story of Plato.

What are wedding spheres?

Wedding spheres are beautiful, individual wooden spheres with cavities that provide room for wedding rings, other love offerings, or simply a monetary gift. The sphere halves are held together by four strong embedded disc magnets. It takes quite some determination to separate the halves. Depending on the diameter and type of wood, disc magnets with the dimensions 8x3 mm and 15x3 mm are used.
Wooden spheres are handcrafted in Germany from a piece of tree trunk or branch. All wood originates in the region. The wood used in the picture comes from a plum tree.
The sphere's outside surface is sanded and treated with oil. The site of fracture and cavity remain in the original state.
Names or dates may be added to the sphere halves to make them even more special.
This plastic rose serves as an accessory and beautifully fills the cavity. Rings may be placed in between the leaves.
Wedding spheres (also sphere halves without cavity) can be ordered online at www.hochzeitskugel.com.

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