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Conflict preventer for mountain bike riders
Author: www.swisstrailbell.ch, Switzerland
Online since: 13/05/2013, Number of visits: 123862

What is the purpose of the bell?

This crisp and typically Swiss sounding bell is attached to the handlebar or stem of a bicycle or mountain bike with a specially designed strap and will not cause any scratches. It is a great way for cyclists to alert hikers of their presence even from a long way off.

What is the purpose of the magnet?

If there are no hikers on the trail, the bell can quickly and easily be «silenced» with the sewn-in block magnet 10 x 10 x 5 mm.

For a positive bike rider image

Hikers usually react positively and often very surprised, since they don’t associate the sound with mountain bikes. And if the rider utters a friendly “baa…” in passing, a positive reaction by the hiking folks is almost guaranteed. The path has been cleared, and a contribution was made to convey a positive image of bike riders.

Information about swisstrailbell®

Swisstrailbell costs CHF 25.- (RRP) and is available from bike and sports shops listed at www.swisstrailbell.ch. Swisstrailbell is a registered trademark and the bell with strap is a registered design.

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