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Mounting camping chairs

Space-saving storage of chairs in a converted camper van
Author: Christian Walter, Illingen
Online since: 21/06/2012, Number of visits: 323119
Camping chairs attach to the inside of the hatch thanks to magnets
Attached chairs with the hatch open
Last year we converted a VW T4 into a camper van. We decided to attach the camping chairs to the hatch to keep them out of the way during the loading and unloading of the boot.
Because the chairs still weigh about 4 kg despite their lightweight design, we chose to mount them with 3 pot magnets CSN-25 per chair.
The biggest advantage: It is super easy to remove and reattach the chairs (without inconvenient tie-down).
The magnets were attached to an extra piece of wood panelling, the counterpart in each case is a pipe clamp and an M8 screw to mount the metal disc (secured with a washer and nut).
Note from the supermagnete team: Instead of this somewhat elaborate construction with pipe clamp and screw, the metal counterparts could also be mounted directly onto the chairs (see link below).
We used 3 magnets per chair.
This mounting option has already proven itself useful several times and always causes quite a stir at the campsite.
A note from the supermagnete team: In the event of a car accident, it is very likely that the chairs would come loose and be catapulted through the air. Having said that, an unsecured or poorly tied-down chair in the boot presents a danger equally as great.
Should you decide to try this application: Secure your load in such a way that you and your passengers will be safe during an accident. We recommend to use a safety net to separate the boot from the passenger compartment.

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