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Magnetic sculptures

Even the most complicated geometric figures can be accomplished with magnets
Author: Matthias, Zürich, Switzerland
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Construction Addiction

How does that work with addictions...? It all starts small and harmless. And it's fun! And it gets more and more fun! And then, before you know it, you can no longer live without it ... it gets the upper-hand!
Matthias Hofer and his friends started small. After all, you can create interesting patterns with just S-05-25-N, S-05-14-N, S-05-08-N and Steel balls Ø 12,7 mm alone!
And not just in 2D but also in 3D.
Perhaps not always perfectly symmetrical.
But for the observant definitely recognizable as numbers: 2008!
Free forms are also an interesting challenge.

Build a football with magnets

Addition from customer Josef Marhl, Vienna (Austria):
Since your delivery service is fast as lightning, I managed to assemble a magnetic football just in time for the European Football Championship.
The football is made up of:
The assembly of the football formation was a little difficult. That's why I have initially supported the pentagons with additional five radial rods and a sphere in the middle. When there was only a little whole on top of the entire ball, I could dismantle the support.
Interestingly, he didn't really turn out to be round, although enough hexagons and pentagons were available: 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. For those who want to check out the geometry of a football in more detail: A wonderfully designed website (in German though) on this topic can be found here.
Here is one of my favourite constructions! The rotating parts on the left and right are just far enough apart that they can rotate in the opposite direction without affecting each other.