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Magnetic hanger with metal lid for tents

Attach items quickly and easily on a tent wall
Author: supermagnete, Uster
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People camping in tents often wish for more options to hang wet clothes, everyday items or lights. A good spot for lighter objects is, for example, the awning, where it is easy to keep track of things and have the most frequently used items within reach. To prevent damaging the tent canvas, I came up with the idea of using magnets. This DIY option for hanging your camping gear is easy to assemble. I will guide you through the individual steps:

To begin with, we need a magnetic loop hanger made of fabric. How to make one is explained in great detail in the customer project Magnetic Loop Hanger. As a counterpart for the hanger, you will need a ferromagnetic object. My suggestion: A clean and slightly thicker metal lid from a preserves jar.

Once you have both components at hand, you are ready to start hanging. I always carry four loop hangers of different lengths in my camping gear. Items that I like to keep within reach are things like my glasses, my car keys and my flashlight, for example:

Eyeglasses are now always within reach

My magnetic loop hanger is long enough to thread onto one arm of the glasses frame. Hold the metal lid to the upper side of the awning. Now bring the two ends of the threaded hanger together and then, holding them to the underside of the awning, move them towards the metal lid. The magnets in the hanger and the metal lid will attract each other and hold the glasses. Now you will never again have to search your tent for your glasses.

Tip from the supermagnete team: Of course, this also works in the main tent. If, for example, you are afraid of rolling onto your glasses in your sleep, use this application to keep them safe. At first, attach the metal lid and the magnetic loop hanger to the tent roof without any of your items. (Depending on the size of the tent, this may require two people.) Afterwards, whenever necessary, simply remove one end of the ribbon, thread your glasses on and stick it back onto the metal lid. One end of the ribbon must always stay connected to the lid so that it does not slide off the tent.

Keep your keys always in view

You will agree with me, if the keys can’t be found straight away, the heart starts pounding and panic sets in. Thanks to this hack, that won’t happen again. Simply thread the magnetic loop hanger through your keyring and the keys will dangle within your view.

Tip from the supermagnete team: Keyrings can vary in weight depending on the size and number of keys attached. For this application, select enough strong magnets to sew into the loop hanger. At a minimum, we recommend magnets type Q-10-05-03-N for keyrings. Use metal lids that are a little bit thicker which increases the ferromagnetic effect of the lids.

Mounting a flashlight as a light source

Flashlights on their own are not magnetic. For my flashlight to stick to the ferromagnetic metal lid, I first had to equip it with a magnet. To do so, glue a small magnet to the back of the flashlight with superglue. You could use a disc magnet type S-20-05-R, for example. Thanks to the magnet, the flashlight does now stick to the metal lid too. Depending on the weight of the flashlight, use slightly thicker metal lids. Now, your flashlight is always ready for use. Under the awning, it sometimes comes in handy as my entrance light.

My tip: The metal lid of the preserves jar lends itself to being decorated. For example, fill the inside of the lid with cork. A must-have for everyone’s camping gear.
Note from the supermagnete team:
Please keep in mind that the metal lid is not weatherproof and will start to rust when permanently used outdoors. You can protect the lid from the weather with anti-rust paint or clear lacquer. The same applies to the magnets inside the magnetic loop hanger. Please also note that the metal lids may fill with rainwater and start to slide on the wet tent canvas. This magnetic hanger doesn’t take up much room, making it a valuable part of your camping gear.

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