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Kitchen Utensils Revisited

Cute mounting for all who want to bring order to the kitchen
Author: Georg Ruß, Magdeburg, Germany, [email protected]
Online since: 24/06/2008, Number of visits: 305804
I used several of your neodymium magnets to hang various kitchen utensils.
Because I don't find the means of hanging wooden spoons and beaters particularly original and since I had a few super magnets lying around, I had the idea to drill a hole lengthwise into our wooden spoons and insert a super magnet. Depending on the weight of the spoon, I used either the S-04-13-N- or the S-05-25-N magnet rod. With the flat wooden spoons it was even more simple because I could make use of the existing hole and insert a S-08-05-N.
The wooden utensils now hang from a bike cable which I spanned for this purpose - a minimalistic solution.
Besides that, super magnets are well suited to holding heavy wooden chopping blocks with steel grips, here for example, the S-20-10-N, which is attached to a steel beam and holds the wood block with no problem... or the can opener held by a block magnet Q-15-15-08-N without issue. You can also attach a magnet on the underside of a wooden table and then hang your bottle opener from it so that it is always readily available.
Until now, those who have seen my solution for this first time are at first surprised, then pleased at the creativity that it shows.