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Floating flower pot

Upcycling project with food cans
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland
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Upcycling brings new life to old objects. Old tins are particularly popular because they can be reused without great effort. In no time at all they are transformed into pretty lanterns, decorative pen holders or, in our case, floating flower pots.
Thanks to the magnets the flower pots can be attached to metal braces on balconies or terraces and do not take up any space on the floor. For the outdoor use we recommend magnets with rubber coating. They protect the magnet from moisture and rust, thereby retaining its magnetic power. In addition, rubberised magnets increase the adhesive force in shear direction compared to normal neodymium magnets.
Below we show you how you can easily make these magnetic flower pots yourself in just a few steps.

Required material

  • Rubberised disc magnets
  • Empty cans
  • Spray paint in the desired colours
  • Disposable gloves
  • Cardboard
  • Maybe washi tape for decoration
  • Awl
  • Plants
  • Flower soil and potsherds
First empty, clean and dry the can and remove the label. Now take the cardboard box, put on the disposable gloves and spray the paint onto the can according to the instructions. Once the paint is dry you can decorate the can with washi tape. If you prefer simple cans just skip this step.
Now make a hole in the middle of the bottom of the can with an awl creating an easy water drain. Then place a pottery shard on the hole in the can and fill the can with potting soil. Now plant the desired plant and you can attach the flower pot to a ferromagnetic surface using two magnets. Since the cans themselves are ferromagnetic you do not even need glue to attach the magnets.
A little tip: Garden herbs are also ideal for magnetic flower pots.