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Experiments with magnets

Workshop for fans of physics
Author: Daniel Sjöholm, Spanga, Sweden
Online since: 09/09/2013, Number of visits: 606803

Orientation week for new students

Each year the last week of August we at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm welcome about 130 students interested in physics to our Master of Science in Engineering Physics. As part of a two-week welcome, we always come up with a program for the new students. This year the theme was magnetism.

Our magnet workshop

For our workshop, we created a booth showcasing several experiments. A few friends and I demonstrated the experiments with the neodymium magnets, making sure the students came away with a clear understanding. We found the ideas for our experiments among your customer projects and would like to introduce a few of the experiments below:

Gauss pistol

The first station demonstrated the so-called Gauss pistol.
We got the idea from your customer projects Gauss cannon and The Launching Pad. We used:

Electric motor

The students also had the opportunity to build an electric motor with simple parts.
The customer project The World's Simplest Electric Motor inspired us to try this experiment. We used:

The levitating magnetic rod

Another favorite was the levitating rod magnet.
This experiment is based on our namesake project Levitating rod magnet. We used:

The twirling sphere

An interesting experiment on the topic of magnetic repulsion was the twirling sphere.
The inspiration was the namesake customer project Swirling sphere. We used:

Slowly dropping sphere

The last experiment illustrated electromagnetic induction.
This experiment was based on the customer project Aluminum Foil as Contact-Free Parachute. We used:

You can find fascinating information about the discovery of magnetism, the history of magnets and how a compass works in our guide under the topic The History of Magnets.

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