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Disassembling Warhammer miniatures

Separating main figure from accessories for better transport
Author: Luca Ghilardi, Erba, Italy, [email protected]
Online since: 19/08/2010, Number of visits: 364396
I am the proud owner of various richly decorated Warhammer miniatures. This magnificent warrior for instance carries a banner, a weapon and a large pole. These thin parts are very fragile when it comes to transporting them. The warrior doesn't fit into the foam bulge, so the banner, weapon and pole can easily break off during transport. It is very cumbersome to glue broken pieces back on.
Then I thought of a solution with your magnets.
I carefully severed the protruding parts from the warrior with a knife and glued a S-02-02-N disc magnet on the miniature and the separated part.
If you want the magnets to be totally inconspicuous, you can paint them with the appropriate colour or drill a small hole into the miniature and countersink a magnet.
Now I can transport the figure separately from the accessories (see above) and quickly put them together again before the start of a game. The magnetisation is so strong that you can pick up the miniature on the banner without it separating from the figure.
And when it comes to fierce collisions of the miniatures during a game, the individual parts come off clean without breaking.
I really like this solution!
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • Warhammer fans might find the project Carrying case for Warhammer miniatures interesting.
  • You can take this idea even further: Many Warhammer miniatures come in various forms, for instance with different weapons. If you don't want to purchase multiple miniatures, you can build them up with magnets. Small disc magnets are suitable for that purpose, e.g. S-03-01-N or S-02-01-N. This allows you to exchange the weapon, for instance, in an ongoing game. That is easy on the wallet and you don't have to transport so many miniatures.