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Designer lamps LEICHTSINN

Magnets for hanging up and turning lamps on/off
Author: LIEHT - Die Lichtmanufaktur, Kirrweiler, Germany
Online since: 15/12/2014, Number of visits: 307108
Strong neodymium magnets have many uses in lamp design:

Pot magnets for ceiling attachment

We attach the casing of our LED suspended lamp to the ceiling with your pot magnets CSN-20 and CSN-25, so you don't see a screw from the outside. This adds to the perfection of our suspended lamp.

Magnets as dip-switches

All our LED lamps of the LEICHTSINN series are very minimalistic and perfectly made by hand, such as the table lamp LEICHTSINN, which is available in black and white and can be turned on and off with a magnetic dip-switch (Stabmagnet 6x10 mm).

Pot magnets as swivel-joints

We also use magnets as swivel joint for different lamps.
In the picture: floor lamp LEICHTSINN, which can be turned 360 degrees and infinitely adjusted, thanks to the magnetic swivel-joint.
Here the magnetic swivel-joint up close.
A similar magnetic swivel-joint is also used with the table lamp ADHOC (see below).

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